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1) Wear a sunscreen every morning of at least SPF 30.
2) Wash your face with a gentle cleanser every morning and evening
3) Do NOT use a washcloth or brush to wash your face. Just use your hands. Abrasive cleaning with a washcloth causes inflammation and poor skin health.
4) Apply a moisturizer nightly.

The above guidelines are very basic and meant to prevent damage. You can achieve rejuvenation and repair of skin through specific regimens of skincare products and chemical peels:

  • Consider a light chemical peel such as salicylic acid to brighten your skin. These have almost no downtime so that you can continue your activities.
  • Consider a complete skin care regimen from Epionce or Revision to improve texture, treat fine lines, and minimize the effects of chronic sun damage.

For more information on skin care products or an in-office consultation with our registered nurse, Kelsey, please call 706-922-7706. We carry a full line of Revision products, Epionce products, and Epionce peels.

More on skin care from the American Academy of Dermatology AAD Skin Care

This post is in no way intended to replace medical advice from a physician.